Scripture Familization

1 year

This is a one year  Program. The program is designed for people in the Church who desire to have a basic understanding of the Bible.  
The students follow a reading schedule that will take them through the entire Bible. They are required to keep a journal of their readings that includes observations and questions about the text. They will meet with the leader each week to share their journal entries and discuss the section.  

Bachelor of Pastoral Studies

- Christian Disciplines

- Biblical Theology

- Biblical Evangelism

- Bibliology

- Old Testament Survey

- New Testament Survey

- World Religions and Cults

- History and Overview of         Reformed Theology

- Having a Christian         Worldview

- Systematic Theology 1, 2, and 3

- Advanced Bibliology

-History of the Church (Outline)

- Missions

- The Puritans      (Outline)

-Reformed Theology

-Covenant Theology

-Christianity & Philosophy

- Logic

- Apologetics

- Church Planting

- Pastoral Ministry

- Pastoral Counseling

- Pastoral Leadership

- Pastoral Ethics

- Greek 1, 2, and 3

- Preaching 1, 2, and 3

- Introductory Hebrew

- 3 Hours Practical

- Master Thesis 

Master of Divinity

10 Classes
24 Classes
3 Units Practical
Prerequisite: Through the Bible
or Equivalent